Self-Publishing Heroes

     I haven’t been brave enough to try out the self-publishing route yet, despite reading up on it and knowing people that have turned a tidy buck through the generous royalty split on offer compared to publishers.
     If you carry out the proper research into your own particular genre, write an enjoyable book (people sometimes forget that part!), find a classy editor to weed out mistakes, use an attention grabbing cover and employ savvy marketing then you will stand a great chance of picking up enough sales through the Kindle, Kobo, Nook and other digital platforms to make it worthwhile.
     One such writer who has blazed a trail, and deservedly so, is Stoke native Mel Sherratt. She has carved out a very rich seam for her gripping books across genres such as mystery, police procedural and psychological suspense - and she shows no sign of stopping much to the delight of her loyal and growing audience worldwide.

     Two others writers who are looking to enjoy similar sales success are John Gradwell and E J Mack. John has created an amusing fictional spoof memoir of music hall star Frankie Funnybone who was a character in his Radio 4 sitcom “Are You From The Bugle?” It offers something pleasantly different to the comedy norm and John should be applauded for chancing his arm with his book.
     Meanwhile, EJ has fashioned a superb Italian family saga called “A Silent Shore” that would not look out of place on UK bookshop shelves with the backing of a publisher. It transported me to another place and time hook, line and sinker, the characters delightfully fleshed out and the story imbued with enough moving twists and turns to satisfy even the most hard-hearted reader.
     I urge you to check out all three authors (including following them on Twitter below) and use their experiences to help your own self-publishing adventure whether you want to focus on digital or print off hardbacks and paperbacks into the bargain. It takes great writing, guts, patience and marketing nouse, however there is no time like the present if you have a burning passion.

Mel - @writermels / John - @jgradwell / EJ -@EJ_Mack

Recommend highly David Gaughran’s blog and book to learn more about self-publishing

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