Mr and Mrs…

     After a very busy summer of sport with ITV and long six months working on the PR for The Crime Writers’ Association, I finally got to marry my darling Kate on September 1st in North Lincolnshire. Thankfully everything went smoothly, a great time appeared to have been had by all (even the comedy sheep in the field) and we departed on honeymoon to our beloved Italy.
     La Vita Bella was in full flow for a lovely week in Naples and Ischia capped off with a fun day out alongside my cinematographer pal Lucio and his charming girlfriend Giusi. I wrote up the trip for website iVillage.
     Back to working more angles than Isambard Kingdom Brunel in his pomp now to keep the wolves from the door through another hard journo/PR autumn and winter. What the lull has allowed me to do is get back to film scripts. I am sufficiently recharged after my last frustrating adventure into the world of cinema and having great fun working on a story that incorporates WWII stories from my two great uncles and great aunt.
     The first draft of my self-help book for people who have been made redundant or shafted unfairly at work is going through the feedback engine of trusted pals. If all goes to plan, I will have it ready for the New Year ebook market along with a solid financing draft of the film script after a talented script editor friend has taken a look.
     New era as a married man and, despite losing out in the last two for two big journalism/publishing jobs recently, I am hugely optimistic. As ever, I am open to any new job offers or ideas if you want to get in touch through Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. Trust the summer treated you all well. Onwards and upwards heading into the dark months.

Cheers, Matt

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